Superfoods and Products

Many people ask me how I manage to do all I do, between singing international concerts, designing homes, managing my therapy practice and keeping fit.  After selling my farm where I only ate what I grew from my own trees and the vegetable garden I maintained, I discovered a company that has the same philosophy and care for organic living.  I buy all my superfoods, spirulina, and shakes at    They are an incredible company that I stand behind.  Use my code Joanne16 to get $50 off your order of $70 or more.  I guarantee you will love the energy and health you gain.    Ask me about a brand ambassador opportunity! 


Also check out Miracule Water Filter.  It's a reverse osmosis machine that keeps the Orm in the water.  It is the best tasting water I've ever had in my life.  I've been using one for 5 years now and am literally addicted to water!  Mention Joanne Togati at checkout and you will receive $250 off.