Video &Testimonials

"Joanne has a great presence. She Can feel everything that is going on and has the ability to quickly and easily transform a dysfunctional Pattern of mind body and soul into ease and comfort. I am infinitely appreciative that I discovered her and received her gifts of touch, intuition and deep compassion." -Dr. Brian Denhoffer, DC

First of all I have to thank you for taking me in such short notice, on October 30th 2011 I have been involved in a head on collision in New Jersey on the Garden State Parkway it is almost a year later I've been to a lot of doctors and chiropractors and massage therapist all the xrays and MRI and nobody was able to really fix my back, about two days ago I was in tremendous pain my neck my shoulder my lower back and my left arm so I decided to Google for specialist the could actually heal my back some how I got to your add and I took a chance and I'm glad I did this is the first morning after a year today is 10/26/12 that I had a good night sleep with no pain and the best part is that I woke up with no pain at all. I don't know how you did it and how you knew where the most sensitive parts on my back it was like you could actually feel what I feel. I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart and BTW this is the only place I would recommend.- Eli, Miami

"I was distraught when I came to Joanne.  I had a lot of anger, immense physical pain and didn't think I could ever feel like healing was possible again.  Our first session was  two hours  and for the next 3 days, so much toxicity and negativity was leaving my body that I actually felt happiness, and I hadn't felt that kind of happiness in 3 years.  I went on a hunch and my hunch was right.  I continue to work with Joanne because I see the results.  Joanne has a gift for healing, not just on the physical level, but my emotional and mental well being are coming into alignment with each treatment and I found a great guide to help me make the changes necessary to enjoy my life again."-PJ, Miami

"I receive massages frequently, but rarely have I written a review for a therapist.  Except for Joanne, whose work is deserving of one.  Joanne is kind and genuine, two qualities which make it that much easier for me to feel relaxed and to get the most out of my sessions with her.  As a runner, I highly recommend a session with Joanne.  It is rare to find a skilled professional massage therapist in New York whose personality is as calming as her massages...Joanne is just that person."  Cheers!-Mark

"Best massage I have had in years.  Joanne made me feel very comfortable.  Took her time with each muscle group using just the right amount of strength. I highly recommend."- Nick, Miami

"I still think that you're the best massage therapist that I ever went to.  Miami's gain is NY's loss!"-
Greg Frank, NY, NY

"I must say I feel very lucky to have found Joanne.  She is a wonderful beautiful person with an amazing touch.  I have visited her 10 times since November of 2004.  With each session she has always tried something slightly different in her technique which I've always welcomed.  I truly feel rejuvenated every time and even though I usually schedule a 90 minute session I always wish it never ends.  If you asked me what heaven is like, I would tell you it's how you feel during and after a session with Joanne.  Her hands are soft and warm, her touch is gentle yet strong and her technique is instinctive.  And although I might not be one of her more frequent clients, I am definitely one of her most satisfied.  Thank you Joanne!" -Greg Frank, NY, NY

"South Florida's Best Kept Secret"

Joanne is nothing but magical!  She gave me the best massage I have ever had.  She has a wonderful personality that will make you comfortable the minute that you walk into her beautiful sanctuary; she is full of positive energy.  I felt lighter and totally relaxed after my session in a way I do not remember feeling before.  I just found a new massage therapist!"- Sid, Miami

"I came to Joanne for a massage, but when I had come back to her a week later, I had experienced an amazing healing.  I had had partial blindness in my left eye nearing 6 weeks, but just after one session, in a couple of days I received all of my sight back.  It felt like a miracle!"  Mark, Miami

"In my long distance healing session, Joanne was specific and accurate. For example she picked up on the main locations of pain in my back and neck without my giving her any information on the subject.  She felt my right shoulder pain and the squeaky stuck energy above my lumbar.  Also, she was able to accurately describe several of my emotions in detail.  In addition, she gave me good advice in regard to my mother, which is helping me disconnect from her energy field."  Rick Gould-Sunnyvale, California

"I was conversating with Joanne, waiting to begin my massage session, when all of a sudden I felt a shock of some excruciating stomach pains, which I later found out was an ulcer. I've suffered from stomach problems for a long time and it was so bad this time that I was twisting and rolling around on the floor in front of her.  The pain was like any other I had experienced, so much so that I was beginning to reach for my phone to call an ambulance.  She approached me and placed her hands on my stomach, closing her eyes.  Now, I don't consider myself to be the religious or spiritual type in any way, and I have never believed in any kind of spiritual healing, connection or transference.  This has always been "mumbo jumbo" to me, for lack of a better term.  Nevertheless, after only a few minutes of her working on me on the ground, I felt miraculously relieved and shortly thereafter, all my pain was gone.  Needless to say, I consider her to be an exceptional Reiki Master, worthy of my long testimonial.  I recommend her to anyone who may be in need of her services and would personally guarantee the quality and care that she puts into her work. Her expertise is beyond compare.  She truly does possess "Healing Hands". -Stefano Power, Miami, Fl

"The moment Joanne put her hands on my back, I knew I was in for a unique experience.  The combination of Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu and Reiki targeted all the problem areas all over my body.  In one session, all of my shoulder and neck spasms are practically gone."  Victor, Miami

"I never wanted to believe in spiritual readings or energy readings because I thought it was a joke.  Joanne made me a believer.  I was in shock, because she was right on target about me.  I was really impressed...I will definitely seek her for her gift in helping me close some cold cases.   Thanks Joanne.  It was a special day for me to discover something new."  Michelle Gomez, Skip Tracer

"Recently I was fortunate enough to receive an Intuitional Energetic Bodywork session with Joanne.  I drove 2 hours and it was worth every minute.  She awakened me to the kind of healing experience that can only come from someone with her holistic awareness and nurturing attitude.  I have received massage often over the years, but rarely from someone as intuitive as Joanne.  She is someone to treasure, to savor!  -Craig, FL

"I had horrible foot pain from wearing heels all day for years.  After a session with Joanne, I no longer had anymore foot pain.  She is now my therapist of choice."  Tanya- Miami

"You are a great therapist--even though that word does no justice to describe you."  Bill, Miami

"Came to Joanne for the first time and will definitely return ASAP.  Her medical massage was amazing!  I've never had anything like it.  I feel great and have found a new favorite." -Alex, Miami